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If you’re thinking about investing or simply living somewhere else, Dominican Republic is always one of the best choices in the world for either option you are looking for; buying real estate involves huge, life-altering decisions. Having a trustworthy lawyer to help you steer clear of landmines and protect your financial well-being is important.

Don’t let the language be a barrier. Let us help you every step of the way!

Our experienced team of professionals accompany you through the entire process of purchasing real estate in Dominican Republic. You can rest assured that your interests are protected at all times. Canalaw has the experience and the competence to represent you through the entire process of buying property in Dominican Republic. Guiding you on how to buy Property in Dominican Republic.

In order to avoid any legal issues, it is recommended that buyers retain a property lawyer in the Dominican Republic before making deposits or signing agreements or contracts. Often happens that real estate agents or sellers will pressure a buyer into an accelerated real estate closing process without doing the proper due diligence or property verification.

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"Super efficient and professional services! Special mention to Gonzalo Sánchez"

Robert Belanger

"Excellent service. I am very satisfied and pleased to have hired such an excellent and efficient lawyer, achieving the objectives for which he was hired. Congratulations. Keep up this excellent work". 

Alex Herrera
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Once you have decided to purchase property in Dominican Republic, there are some things you should know, it's highly recommended to retain a real estate lawyer in the Dominican Republic. Unlike other countries where sellers and buyers generally sign an agreement or private document without any prior legal advice, in the Dominican Republic is imperative that the buyer looks for his own law firm specialized in real estate matters before signing any agreement or disbursing funds due to the singularity of Dominican Real Estate Law and Punta Cana Real Estate Market.

Whether you are an investor purchasing real estate or as an expat investing in a new home, choose a law firm who will perform due diligence in Dominican Republic and ensure you receive a Title Deed on your property. Performing a due diligence or property verification the most important step in every real estate transaction, our firm will be in charge of carrying out the necessary procedures and verification to ensure the protection of the buyer's rights before the preliminary contract of sale is signed.
To verify a property requires, as a minimum the following:

  • Determining the legal status of the property at the Title Register.

  • Investigating if property taxes have been paid.

  • Ensuring that the seller has the authority to sell.

  • Confirming that the property may be used for the purposes sought by the buyer.


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I needed some help with a real estate matter and Cana Law was fast, informative, professional, and helpful! I will definitely be using them again! You CANNOT go wrong with this firm.


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Super efficient and professional services! Special mention to Gonzalo Sanchez.


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Excellent service. I am very satisfied and pleased to have hired such an excellent and efficient lawyer, achieving the objectives for which he was hired. Congratulations. Keep up this excellent work.


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Buying real estate in Dominican Republic can be a challenging endeavor, but with the right real estate lawyer at your side, it is a safe and secure investment. We are proud to be a top real estate law firm in Dominican Republic.

Closing Costs in Dominican Republic: What to Expect

Real Estate Closing Costs in Dominican Republic will vary depending on the property value and if the property have Confotour. Therefore, if the property you choose have the Confotour incentive, you can expect spending only 1-1.5% of the property purchase price in closing costs. However, if it doesn´t, you can expect spending up to 5% of the purchase price for closing costs, it wouldn't be any more but could be less. This will include attorney fees, transfer tax, notary fees, stamps, checks and any other diverse closing costs associated with the purchase to get the title in your name.

Price Transparency

Real Estate Lawyers´s fees in Dominican Republic are normally based on a percentage of the purchase price of the property, which range between 1% up to 1.5% depending on the property. You could hire a lawyer for less, but be careful, sometimes that translates into them not doing their job, the complete property verification or due diligence, so it depends on your situation and if you are knowledgeable and comfortable enough with the attorney you choose. Also make sure that the lawyer you choose is fluent in English or the language you speak, so there are no misunderstandings.

Our firm bills the minimum standard fee of 1% of the property purchase price.

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