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Timeshare Cancellation Services

We know how attractive a timeshare in Dominican Republic can sound, owning a vacation spot at a beautiful Dominican beach resort is a dream come true. The salesperson makes timeshare ownership so enticing; it is almost impossible to resist. Although there are legitimate companies offering excellent services and benefits to timeshare buyers, you must be aware of the unscrupulous companies who are not looking out for your best interest. If you need to Cancel Timeshare our team can help!
If you decide to buy a timeshare in Dominican Republic, we recommend you consider the following before signing any contract.

Signing a Contract


  • Take time to understand the monthly expenses of a timeshare, such as maintenance fees which seem to increase each year, ask your salesperson if there is a cap on these fees and make sure it is documented in your contract.

  • Speak to other timeshare owners about the property.

  • Compare the resort to others, amenities, maintenance fees, and availability.

  • Do not allow the salesperson to pressure you into signing anything in haste.

  • Make sure any promises and gifts are included in the contract.

  • Do not sign Spanish only documents without prior legal advice.


  • Obligations and benefits of the timeshare purchase

  • The name and address of the sales representative

  • Details of all costs associated with the deal, maintenance fees, taxes, and any other expenses

  • Any verbal promises made by the salesperson

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You will only have to provide us with the required documents – get out of timeshare!